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Our Packaging Mission

  • At Ethical Food Company, we are on a mission to package our ethical products in materials that we believe have the least impact on the planet. When making the decision on what packaging material to use, we consider the recyclability, amount of recycled content, the sustainability of natural resources required, and food waste impact of each material used.
  • Each material we choose must have a clear recyclable path or contain recycled content when there is no other recyclable option available. We want to ensure that the packaging we use contributes to the circular economy of packaging.
  • All materials are optimised to be as light as possible without impacting on fruit quality.
  • All card used is FSC certified and fully recyclable at home.
  • All plastic films used for our organic apples can be dropped off at collection points in larger stores for recycling.
  • All our plastic punnets contain 80 – 100% recycled plastic content and are fully recyclable at home.