Ethically sourced food you can trust, grown in harmony with nature.

Our strategy outlines our commitments to operate ethically by maximising our positive social impact and minimising our environmental footprint.

Operating Ethically

Social and Environmental Impact

Ethical Food Company – Ethically Sourced Food you can trust, grown with care, in harmony with nature. 

At the Ethical Food Company, we are committed to sourcing food grown with care for the planet and in harmony with nature. We respect people that grow our product and ensure that everyone is treated  fairly.  Put simply, for us this means operating ethically.

Ethical Fresh
Produce for Everyone


Reduce our food waste
Remove unnecessary package
Food safety transparency


Reduce our Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gase emissions
Promote soil health
Protect and restore natural biodiversity
Use water responsibly


Inspire to make a difference
Support healthy eating & well-being
Respect Human Rights
Advocate for inclusion

Reducing food waste is a critical step in improving food security, encouraging the efficient use of resources, and reducing supply chain greenhouse gas emissions. We have adopted UN SDG 12.3 to halve food waste in our business by 2030. We have been zero waste to landfill since 2016. We work together with charities and redistribution partners such as FareShare and City Harvest, to ensure that that no food fit to eat is wasted and reaches the homes and fruit bowls of the people who need it most.

We were recognised in 2021 as City Harvests ‘Harvest For Hunger Sustainability Champions’ having redistributed over 85 tonnes of food that otherwise could have been wasted.

We are committed to the principles of circular economy and the 4 Rs – reduce, remove, reuse, recycle and have been working hard to remove unnecessary packaging from our supply chain.

Our products are grown with care in harmony with nature, which means our fruit are grown in rich fertile soils. We aim to reduce our carbon emissions by sourcing renewable electricity in our UK operations and ensuring that all growers we work with have a plan to protect and restore biodiversity through pollinator and wild life conservation, enhance natural habitats, implement water stewardship practice and promote soil health. To support sustainable livelihoods for generations to come, our growers want nothing more than to take care of the planet and prioritise conservation and quality over volume every time.

Across our business we want to empower individuals to do the right thing, support healthy lifestyles and nurture a culture of inclusion. We want to make sure everyone throughout our supply chain is being looked after and that our stance on ethical trade is embedded by sharing our internal policies and ways of working. We are a Stronger Together Advanced Business Partner and have a zero-tolerance approach to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, child labour, forced or bonded or indentured labour and involuntary prison labour within our own business and our supply chains.

We believe in empowering our employees and suppliers and have a clear engagement plan to equip everyone with the right knowledge and skills to live by our operating ethically principles.

This helps everyone make the right decisions to ensure that both people and planet are protected and respected. From food waste action week to our modern slavery initiative, we want to spread the word on key challenges we are faced with as an industry to empower innovation, knowledge sharing and collective action.

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