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Organic Apples


From the 1930’s to now, the sweet gala apple is the fruit bowl classic. Their crisp texture and attractive appearance make them a household favourite. Gala apples are bi-coloured with a red blush and a white yellow background.


The Braeburn apple never disappoints with a refreshingly tangy flavour and a crisp and juicy texture. Braeburn is a bi-coloured apple with a distinct pink blush and yellow background

Pink Lady®

The wonderful fizz from the Pink Lady® apple is beautifully developed from its days in the sun. Famous for its pink-coloured skin and slightly rose-like aroma, the Pink Lady is an excellent choice.


Firm, crisp and tangy, from classic winners such as Jazz®, Pixie Crunch®, Red Topaz, Natyra®, Pirouette® to so many more exciting and novel varieties! Specially selected and always full of flavour!

Countries of Origin

Argentina Austria Chile France Germany Italy New Zealand Portugal USA United Kingdom

Organic Pears

Our organic pears have a mild sweet flavour and juicy texture. We offer a range of varieties from the classic Conference to summer blushed pears.

Countries of Origin

Argentina Belgium France Italy Netherlands Spain

Organic Grapes

Organic grapes naturally develop their colour and size through the growing cycle. Differential in day & night temperatures slowly develop flavour from a range of varieties specifically suited to organic farming methods across red, green and black grapes.

Countries of Origin

Chile Egypt Italy Spain South Africa

Organic Citrus

Our organic citrus range gives a heathy kick of flavour and colour to your fruit basket. The organic groves in the Mediterranean basin and from under the South Africa sun slowly mature to provide organic citrus from a small number of selected growers , who have often been growing for generations. From zesty & fragrant organic lemons, to sweet and juicy oranges and easy peelers, we offer good availability of high quality varieties throughout the year and of course all organic citrus is unwaxed.

Countries of Origin

Italy Spain South Africa

Organic Kiwi

Organic Green KiwiFruit is highly nutritious and a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants, it provides a perfect addition to any breakfast or fruit salad. Golden Kiwi varieties are also available which are typically even sweeter and with a smoother skin.

Countries of Origin

Argentina Chile Italy

Organic Avocado

Grown in healthy, well drained organic soils , we offer a year-round availability of Organic Hass avocado. Often called the king of avocados with a richer taste and smoother, creamier texture. This versatile fruit makes a highly nutritious, rich addition to any salad, breakfast or just on its own!

Countries of Origin

Dominican Republic Kenya Mexico Peru Spain

Organic Mango

As with all organic production systems , organic mango is produced sustainably, trees are often a number years old and the varieties are typically Kent, Keitt or Osteen selected for smooth texture and bursting with sweet juicy flavour when ripe. A more recent addition to the organic range for customers to enjoy year round.

Countries of Origin

Brazil Ivory Coast Peru Spain Senegal

Organic Soft Fruit

Plump, juicy and sweet, our organic raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are full of flavour and goodness. Carefully nurtured by our specialist organic growers and delicately picked to ensure the perfect eating experience, all grown using organic farming practices and techniques.

Countries of Origin

Argentina Chile Italy Poland Peru Romania Spain United Kingdom


Organic Watermelon

The thick green rind protecting the juicy and refreshing red flesh gives the perfect summer snack

Organic Stone Fruit

Fuzzy or smooth skinned, tart or sweet, organic nectarines and plums give a summer sensation

Countries of Origin

Italy Spain