Ethical fresh produce for everyone.

About Us

About us.

Ethical Food Company is dedicated to supply Ethical Fresh Produce for everyone.

Born out of being at the forefront of organic supply in the UK, our journey started over 30 years ago sourcing and supplying organic fresh produce to UK consumers and remains at our heart.

Our expertise, passion and knowledge of organics ensures we source from the best growers around the world to supply a wide range of consistent, high-quality products, ethically sourced via efficient supply chains.

This firmly sits alongside our overall purpose and values to maximise our social impacts whilst minimising our environmental ones.

Organic is a “whole system” approach to farming and food production. It recognises the close interrelationships between all parts of the production system, from the soil, to the food on our fork.

Our growers and own farms are leading the way on organic production which centre’s around organic being

  • Better for the planet
  • Better for the Soil
  • Better for Wildlife
  • Better for Animals

Our passionate team is committed to offering UK customers ethical fresh produce for everyone.