Our growers


Based in Northern Italy in the picturesque Vinschgau Valley, while VIP is one of Europe’s biggest organic apple cooperatives, it is characterised by being made up of many small, local farmers  who have been caring for their farms for many years. As a long-standing supplier of ours, we have been working closely with VIP for over a decade. The Vinschgau Valley is the perfect climate for organic apple growing with hot summer days but cool nights which gives the apples their perfect taste and colour.  First fruit is delicately handpicked in early September until late October. This family tradition leads to genuine dedication and care for the soils, biodiversity and natural landscape, ensuring a sustained future.

Campisi Italia

As a specialist in organic lemons, Campisi Italia’s success has been rooted from a passion for organic agriculture and a drive for innovation.

Lying between the sea and the backcountry around Siracusa is a fertile plain, never exceeding 210metres above sea level: it is the most suitable land to grow lemons. Warm sun, damp air, an alluvial soil rich in limestone, subterranean rivers. All of that contributes to nourish fruits and moisten trees with all the essential elements that make our lemons extraordinary.

All the organic lemons are carefully handpicked, with harvest starting in September, following through until June. Our long and close relationship with Campisi not only ensures the best quality but also delivers continued supply for the UK market. 

Rudford Farm Ltd

The home of our British organic apples! Our apples have been growing in Rudford’s soils since 2004 and are looked after by third generation farmers; father and son duo, John and Mike Thorn. Their passion for growing organic produce in harmony with nature has allowed our British apples to be surrounded by an abundance of biodiversity. Our orchards come into flower in March and April  when the fields are filled with fragrant blossom and the gentle hum of bees. After time developing in the sun our first delicious apples are then ready for harvested in August. 

With weather patterns changing, climate resilience is a key focus for us. We want to continue producing sustainable, great tasting apples, working together with nature to ensure our soils and wildlife are looked after for generations to come. Working closely with industry experts, we showcase the most innovative techniques in organic farming and are always seeking new growing systems and trialing well adapted varieties. 

WCB Boerdery

Warren is one of EFC’s key partners and has been working together with Warren since he commenced his own farming operation in 2013. He is one of the world’s leading growers of organic grapes and set up is own farm after managing grape farms for a number of years. The opportunity to move from employee to business owner emerged as the new government in South Africa wanted to bring about change. Funds became accessible under the black economic empowerment schemes and the journey to organic grape farmer commenced. 

The farm located close to Saron, 2 hrs from Cape Town and near the Winterhoek Wilderness Area and mountains is surrounded by uncultivated , wild land and birdlife. The organic grapes are grown in the sandy soils with nutrition from Warren’s in house made compost, all which makes for a farm which enhances the local environment and wildlife. 

Warren also does much to improve the lives of his workers and their families , from renovating their houses, supporting The Agricultural Partnership for Rural Youth Development & donating to local community care programmes , the farm is one that Warren seeks to have a  positive social impact, as well as environmental one. 

2021 sees the building of Warren’s exciting new packhouse to improve the cold chains of the Organic Grapes and industry leading facilities for his workers.

At EFC we benefit from receiving exceptional quality organic grapes from the best varieties to supply to our customers.